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Zur 1. Biennale der urbanen Landschaft erscheint ein 40-seitiges Magazin, das die bunte Vielfalt der Akteur:innen zeigt, die sich in der Gestaltung der „Stadt von morgen“ engagieren. Das Magazin gibt es ab sofort online und ab Samstag in Print auf dem Festivalgelände verfügbar.

Es richtet sich an alle Motivierten und Interessierten und an alle, die es werden wollen.Die Herausforderungen, die der Klimawandel an unsere Städte und an die urbane Landschaft stellt, können nur gemeistert werden, wenn viele an einem Strang ziehen. Die Stimmen dieser „Vielen“ sind in diesem begleitenden Magazin zu hören. Dabei handelt es sich um die lokal und international agierenden Vordenker:innen, die innovative Gedanken und Erkenntnisse aus ihrer Arbeit an der Stadt von morgen teilen. In Rubriken wie „Porträt“ und „Labor“ werden Initiativen, Akteur:innen, Vereine und Best Practice-Beispiele aus dem Ruhrgebiet präsentiert. Im Vier-Fragen-Mini-Interview werden die Kooperationspartner der Biennale zu ihren Ansichten befragt, während in der Rubrik „Point of View“ die inhaltlich ein wenig höher geflogen wird, um die Themen der Biennale in einen größeren Zusammenhang zu stellen.

Zusätzlich bringt ein Glossar Klarheit zu neueren Schlagworten und trendigen Buzzwords im Umfeld urbaner Landschaft. Zahlen, Daten, Fakten beleuchten die Frage „Wie grün ist die Industrieregion?“ und eine Pinnwand wirft Schlaglichter auf einige der vielen Initiativen, Unternehmen und Aktivitäten in der Metropole Ruhr, die die urbane Landschaft jeden Tag mitgestalten. Fotografien aus der Ausstellung Mapping the City und ein Slam-Poetry-Text geben einen Geschmack davon, wie die urbane Landschaft in Wort und Bild auf künstlerischer Ebene reflektiert wird.

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Ab Samstag, 10. September 2022 auch in Print-Version auf der Biennale der urbanen Landschaft erhältlich.

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Program launch for the 1st Biennial of the Urban Landscape

Program launch
for the 1st Biennial of the Urban Landscape

Program launch for the 1st Biennial of the Urban Landscape
Here it is, we have published the program for the 1st Biennial of Urban Landscape! The Biennial will take place from September 10-24, 2022 and will include three intensive weekends and two active working weeks. All events are free of charge. You can find the program in our Biennale app lala.ruhr/biennale-programm. Here you can also register for events with a limited number of participants.

About the Biennale app
With the web app of lala.ruhr all information, programs and actors are directly available without download and installation. The app is optimized for smartphones, but works on any device. Practical: Users can mark interesting program points and thus compile their own biennial program. Current program information is communicated here and participants can chat and network with each other.

Biennale App

The central question is how we can make our cities resilient, livable and fit for the future.

September 10-11: Diversity Weekend
This is a meeting place for everyone who wants to actively work on the green future: interested people and experts, planners and administrators, scientists and city makers – motivated people from all disciplines. The content ranges from actions in the neighborhood to philosophical and political debates to concrete urban development and design of the green city of the future. There will be lots of workshops, lectures, presentations, panel discussions and excursions on “green infrastructure”, and building, screwing and gardening will be done together to create the festival center at the Science Park Gelsenkirchen.

September 12 – 17: Digital Realities Week
Digital is better? Not always – but digital technologies can help to develop a sustainable city in which its inhabitants live better. That’s why the “Week of Digital Realities” will feature both input and output on the ideal interplay between digital and urban design. In a week-long hackathon in residence, several teams will develop concrete solutions to real-world problems using VR, AR, Big Data and AI. In parallel, there will be a wide-ranging lecture program.

September 18: Field Trip Day
Expedition to the Ruhr region! With our cooperation partner Baukultur NRW and with Urbane Künste Ruhr we start a journey of discovery through the region on different paths.

September 19 – 24: Week of Visions
With the ideas of the students from the Campus Week (September 19 – 23) under the title “Design for urban uncertainties”, an international weekend of competencies, frameworks, solutions and visions for a green regional future will start on Friday, September 23. Green strategies and real-world solutions will be discussed from global and local perspectives. Experts will look back on the past successes and visions of the Ruhr region, discuss the current projects of the Ruhr-Conference and conclude by talking about the landscape as a basis for an urban and regional future – because it starts now.

24 .September: Closing ceremony with green picnic
The end of the Biennale is the beginning of the future. What could be better than celebrating and enjoying this departure together?

Baukultur North Rhine-Westphalia
As a cooperation partner of the Biennale of the Urban Landscape, Baukultur NRW is contributing its own curated program section with current building culture topics in a total of 16 event formats to the Biennale program. The venue is the pavilion “a circus”, a project of the Baukunstklasse of the Art Academy Düsseldorf, which has found its place on the Biennale site Wissenschaftspark Gelsenkirchen. A arena that is open to actors, partners and players as a meeting place for further thinking about the “green city”. Baukultur NRW understands itself as an actor in the center of the thematic diversity of the Biennale and connects the current questions, tasks and expectations of building culture with the green and livable urban region in climate change.

Baukultur NRW Programmmore info

You can access our Biennale app at: lala.ruhr/biennale-progamm

BIENNALE 2022 - Hackathon in Residence

in Residence

*CALL CLOSED* We are looking for curious and open-minded people from different disciplines. Whether you are a landscape architect, architect or urban planner, game designer, programmer, maker, specialist in geodata and LoRaWan sensors, or you are interested in XR, VR, digital art and other interfaces between digitality and the reality of the city.

As part of the first Biennale of urban Landscape, we are organising a “Hackathon in Residence”. From 11.09 – 18.09.2022, we invite people from different disciplines (architecture/planning, IT/digital, art/creative economy) to Gelsenkirchen-Ückendorf. Along the Bochumer Straße, 5 public places will be “worked on” by the teams. We offer expense allowance, accommodation, food and the chance to win prize money.

Live and work for a week in one of the most exciting urban quarters of the Ruhr area. Work in an interdisciplinary team on a challenge for the green city of the future. Present yourself and your ideas to the public.

We want to find out how digital technologies can help us design better, greener and more people-friendly cities.

Application deadline is 15.07.
All information in the Info-PDF:

Info PDFapply now

The Hackathon in Residence project and the biennial of urban landscape sponsored by the E.ON Foundation

In cooperation:

The Hackathon in Residence project and the biennial of urban landscape sponsored by the E.ON Foundation

In cooperation:

The first Biennial of Urban Landscape!


The first Biennial of Urban Landscape!

It’s official: From 10-24 September 2022 lala.ruhr is organising their first Biennial of Urban Landscape – an international festival on the green city of the future!
Everyone is welcome to discuss and develop ideas and solutions at workshops, exhibitions and excursions. Join us in the heart of the Ruhr region, in the creative neighbourhood Gelsenkirchen Ückendorf.

Find out more on our new website: www.lala.ruhr/en/biennial

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polis AWARD 2021 for lala.ruhr in communicative urban design

polis award:
3rd place for

The lala.ruhr team is delighted about the polis award: we won 3rd place in the category “Communicative Urban Design”, which honours instruments that involve people creatively and at eye level in urban development processes.

1st place went to the online public participation process for the urban open space planning competition “Am Alten Güterbahnhof” in Duisburg, 2nd place to the audio walk of the model project “Rathausblock” in Berlin. Congratulations to all nominees and award winners, also in the other categories!

The polis award of the polis Magazine for Urban Development is presented annually in various categories to projects in urban development and the real estate industry that are based on a spirit of partnership in the development of solutions for the city of the future.

Presentation of the award to lala.ruhr at the polis Convention 2021 in Düsseldorf.

Green Infrastructure Offensive: Handing over the recommendations for action to the RVR

green infrastructure offensive:
handover of
recommendations for action
to the RVR

The time has come: The team of lala.ruhr, commissioned by and in cooperation with the Regionalverband Ruhr (RVR), has developed a strategic-conceptual contribution as a building block for the communication offensive Green Infrastructure of the RVR in a process lasting several months. This has now been handed over to Nina Frense (Councillor for the Environment and Green Infrastructure). In essence, the aim was to develop proposals and to win over actors from different areas for cooperation.

The results of the “Festival of Landscape”, which reached over 200 participants in digital space in February, as well as interviews with innovative landscape and urban designers, people involved in non-institutional planning contexts and artistic perspectives were incorporated. Hints and approaches for goal-oriented communication and the involvement of actors in the design of green infrastructure in the Metropole Ruhr were compiled and described in the present recommendations for action, which can serve as a basis for the regional joint project of designing and communicating a sustainable urban landscape.

lala.ruhr would like to thank all those who contributed their expertise – whether as interviewees or participants in the Festival of Landscape or participants of the digital festival formats!

Handover of the recommendations for action to Nina Frense (Deputy for the Environment and Green Infrastructure of the Ruhr Regional Association, RVR, centre) by the lala.ruhr initiators Sebastian Schlecht (left) and Melanie Kemner (right). Photo: RVR/Volker Wiciok