Creative use of brownfields: blueprints for space pioneers

Creative use of brownfields: blueprints for space pioneers

with Svenja Noltemeyer, David Coerdt & Frank Münter

workshop | friday, 26.02.2021 | 19:30 – 21:00

Svenja Noltemeyer from Büro für Möglichkeitsräume and David Coerdt from Pandora2.0 Frank Münter from Transition Town Essen focus on the themes of upcycling and community-designed places for art and culture, education, social-ecological start-ups and urban gardening. They want to encourage people to take responsibility for brownfields, to network projects and people and to promote DIY in city development. Almost 20 years ago, there was already the project idea “land for free” in the Ruhr area, which was never implemented, to experimentally attract creative-entrepreneurial activities and to give a different perspective on the many brownfields in the Ruhr area. Since 2019, Pandora2.0 has been a place where sustainability, reuse and do-it-yourself are lived. They ask the questions: How can we create more such places and overcome the hurdles to make these places possible, and can Pandora2.0 be a blueprint for the creative and modular use of space for Stadtmacher:innen?


About the 1st Festival of Landscape

Curtain up for the first digital laboratory of landscape in the Metropole Ruhr: on 26 and 27 February, city makers, landscape designers, planners, activists and scientists will meet online to discuss and create joint visions for nature, landscape and green infrastructure in our region.




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