2050 – Transformative roads

2050 – Transformative roads

with Jonathan Schmalöer & Philipp Valente

workshop | saturday, 27.02.2021 | 12:15 – 14:15 (Notice: no more spots bookable)

The year is 2050, and the ongoing climate crisis has prompted politicians to rapidly restrict automobile traffic. Instead, alternative mobility concepts are being promoted, which has reduced traffic congestion on Germany’s roads to a minimum.

But now we are facing new challenges: How should we deal with the space we have gained? Can our car-oriented cities be transformed without further ado? Will we soon be able to use our streets as community parks – or will we only have unattractive residual spaces?

In the workshop “2050 – Transformative Streets”, we will address these questions and work out solutions together. With its dense road network, the Ruhr region is ideally suited as a research field. In addition, it has already had to undergo considerable changes in the past; from the alluvial landscape to large-scale industry, from large-scale industry to the metropolis – and now from the metropolis to a car-free urban landscape.

The workshop is aimed at visionaries who want to join us on a journey through time to understand future problems as potentials. Experts from the field of urban and environmental planning will provide us with the necessary input to find concrete proposals for situations on our doorstep.

Philipp Valente (Dortmund, 1991) is an architect and graduated with distinction from the Technical University of Munich in 2019. In the same year, he founded the architecture firm Less Plus in Dortmund. He has worked with renowned architecture studios such as Nikken Sekkei (Tokyo, Japan), RCR Arquitectes (Olot, Spain) and Peter Haimerl . Architektur (Munich, Germany). He currently lives and works as Architect in Residence Fellow of the Junge Akademie in Berlin.

Jonathan Schmalöer (Dortmund, 1991) is an architect and photographer. He graduated with distinction from RWTH Aachen University in 2019. Since then he has been working on his own projects.

Notice: no more spots bookable

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