Participation & responsibility for green railroad stations

Participation & responsibility for green railroad stations

with Anne Fabritius und Petra Jablonická

workshop | friday, 26.02.2021 | 12:00 – 13:30 uhr session 1 | 14:00 – 15:30 uhr session 2 (Notice: no more spots bookable)

Info: bilingual english – german

Train stations are mostly seen only as spaces used by a wide public getting to work, travelling, interchanging, using it as a meeting point and doing grocery shopping during the late hours. The train station can be also considered as a gate to the city, which gives you the first impression of the city itself.

The aim of the workshop is to collect ideas and experiences on participation processes with focus on train stations:

  • – How can travellers / users articulate their wishes / needs?
  • – How can they participate to plan a greener train station?
  • – How to give them the motivation to be part of the creating process?
  • – What wil keep their interest in it over longer period of time?

Discussing these questions together will help us to create the impact of sensibilizing people for their (green) environment. The final outcome should be to create a livable space around the train station through participation processes.

The workshop is the first step of the upcoming project „Liveable City“, hosted by kitev Oberhausen. kitev as a collective has its headquarter in the station tower and tries to promote and create a livable sorrounding. The results could be transferred to other train stations in the Ruhr area.

Notice: no more spots bookable

Photo: Zuzana Jančeková

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