The SÖZ as a laboratory for a green (urban) landscape

The SÖZ as a laboratory for a green (urban) landscape

with Mila Ellee & Florian Heinkel

workshop | friday, 26.02.2021 | 17:30 – 19:00 (Notice: no more spots bookable)

At the interface between the question of social justice and a reaction to the climate crisis, the idea of a social-ecological centre (SÖZ) for Dortmund was born. A space where utopias can be conceived and put into practice. A real laboratory for the city from below, where the future of the city and the city of the future are shaped together in solidarity. Mila Eilee and Florian Heinkel will present the idea and content of the SÖZ and work out with the participants which ecological issues should and can play a role there in the future: What should a SÖZ be able to do in order to strengthen the commitment to the landscape in the Ruhr region? What preconditions must be created for a laboratory? Aspects: Environmental education + exchange / real laboratory for ecological urban development + building / sustainability + Fairtrade

Notice: no more spots bookable

Photo: Initiativkreis SÖZ

About the 1st Festival of Landscape

Curtain up for the first digital laboratory of landscape in the Metropole Ruhr: on 26 and 27 February, city makers, landscape designers, planners, activists and scientists will meet online to discuss and create joint visions for nature, landscape and green infrastructure in our region.




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