Discussing the cities of the future together: lala.ruhr and The Nature of Cities Festival cooperate

Discussing the cities
of the future together:
lala.ruhr and The Nature of Cities Festival cooperate

5 days, 12 languages, over 100 programme items covering all regional time zones: The international The Nature Of Cities Festival (TNOC) offers a superlative programme on the theme of “Better Cities for Nature and People”, and in doing so examines the future-oriented aspects of urban development – thus dedicating itself globally to the topics that our Festival of Landscape discusses locally in relation to the Metropole Ruhr.
That’s why TNOC and lala.ruhr are cooperating: the festival starts as early as Monday, 22 February, and runs until Friday, 26 February. Friends of lala.ruhr can register for free! Just send an email to “kontakt@lala.ruhr” and we will send you the registration data!
The wish of the organisers’ team, whose members come from various international non-profit organisations: “Join a diverse international community of urban thinkers to reimagine our cities today and build the cities of tomorrow. Listen to inspiring keynotes and participate in plenary dialogues. Take an excursion and visit Mumbai in the morning and return to Paris by nightfall”. Or even to the Metropole Ruhr – because when TNOC ends next Friday, 26.02, our digital laboratory of the landscape will start!

The Nature Of Cities Festival (TNOC)



The idea of lala.ruhr
Climate change, biodiversity, green infrastructure, urban agriculture, health and quality of life, right on our doorstep? How we shape these issues today will shape our urban landscape of tomorrow. We invite you to a laboratory for this future. A laboratory for a landscape where over 5 million people live and work.

lala.ruhr – The laboratory for the landscape of the Metropole Ruhr
We want to discuss and shape the future – and understand this region as a landscape. Further development, trying out new things and making them tangible are the focus of all lala.ruhr formats.

lala.ruhr consists of many
We are a network of experts for landscape and architecture, urban development and spaces, joint work and participation, communication and collaboration – initiated by Sebastian Schlecht and Melanie Kemner.
lala.ruhr starts at your windowsill. For us, landscape begins at home, on the balcony, in the garden, at the front door and in the crack in the pavement from which green sprouts. Green infrastructure is the network from the windowsill into the city and beyond!

lala.ruhr demands access for all
A diverse landscape and its accessibility are the key to a visible and tangible quality of life. Access to green space should therefore not be a privilege – or, to put it another way: everyone should be privileged. Particularly lively habitats are created wherever humans, animals and plants meet in the landscape and benefit from it.

lala.ruhr has a vision.
Team and network are working on a story for the future of the Ruhr, and on a vision: a laboratory, a platform, a festival. The international biennial for the landscape! a large interdisciplinary format for which lala.ruhr is looking for supporters. Sponsors, cooperating institutions, landscape experts who are keen to experiment and develop their own contributions.

lala.ruhr invites you to participate
We cordially invite you to get involved in the lala.ruhr network. Our vision is the Biennale 2022, but we are already preparing it with pilot formats together with the Regionalverband Ruhr, among others – we will continue on 26 and 27 February 2021, when lala.ruhr invites you to a first “Laboratory of Landscape”. So: See you soon at the Laboratory of Landscape! Think Landscape!

lala.ruhr is the laboratory for the landscape of the Metropole Ruhr – a biennial of the urban landscape!